Technical consulting

With our consulting services we empower organizations by providing them with flexible and relevant solutions that are an answer to their needs.

Our highly skilled consulting team will work alongside you to implement and atomize business intelligence solutions.

We aim at fast-tracking your business value by helping to bridge the strategy-to-execution gap through hands-on, cost-effective, highly mature, and industry-specific consulting solutions.

The technology we utilize enables us to swiftly design and build solutions tailored to all your business needs.

These efficiently delivered solutions help you transform your business with targeted investments toward growth, optimized efficiency consulting services solutions, enabling predictive service execution that helps you overcome competition, successfully manage client expectations, manage contracts profitably, and retain and develop top talent.


At Donato technologies we bring you the most efficient talent, helping you make faster and more effective hiring decisions.

We utilize our vast network and successful recruiting process to get the best talent.

We smoothen the hiring process and enable you to make smarter, quicker, and effective hiring decisions.

We provide

  • staff augmentation
  • permanent placement recruiting
  • Temp-to-Hire
  • workforce training
  • executive retained search and
  • recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)


We expertise in media, energy and utilities, education, retail, healthcare services, insurance, communications, financial services, and small businesses.

Our goal is to assist you in achieving success with our solutions. Every one of our consultants is assigned to deliver services within specific solutions based on their unique skills and experience.

By allowing individuals to specialize within appropriate solution-sets and interrelated technologies, we build a level of expertise most services organizations simply cannot offer.

Innovative solutions

For more than 12 years our business solutions have proven to take several organizations to the next level.

Here are some of the other services that we provide at Donato Technologies.

Data Management

We implement the best-in-class systems through powerfully built data integration and governance accompanied by business Intelligence solutions which enable data-driven business solutions.


Whether it is improving an existing process or building a testing program, we help you do it all with our innovative technology.


We strengthen technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Robotic Process Automation which results in quick decision making and increased productivity.


Ensuring your security is something we take seriously. Our security training will keep your systems free from spam and phishers.

Process and System Documentation:

Provide you with a documentation system which delivers growth and consistency all the way.

Big Data

Architects and Developers – Apache HBase, NoSQL, Hadoop, Apache Spark, mongo DB, Cloudera, Tableau,

Data and Analytics in the Cloud

Architects and Developers – Google Big query, Redshift, Snowflake, Python, Databricks, Azure ADLS, Azure SQL Warehouse R

Mobile Applications – Architect and Developers – iOS, Android or React Native

Web UI Development

Architect and Developers – Typescript, JavaScript, Node JS, React, Redux, Angular, RXJS, Bootstrap, Webpack, Babel, NPM, Eslint, Prettier, High Charts, HTML5, CSS3, Material UI, D3 js, (AWS, Azure, GCP), Express and Hapi JS. Git, SCSS/SASS, Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library, Styled Component

Microsoft Technologies

Architects and Developers – HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0, Bootstrap 4.x, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, Angular 10, React JS, Next JS, Kendo UI, Core MVC, C#, .Net Core 3.1, .Net 5.0, .Net 4.7.


Architect and Developers – J2EE, J2SE, JAAS, Java Struts, JavaBeans (EJB), Java Mail, JBoss, JDBC, JMS, JNDI, JNI, RMI, Spring, Sync4j, Tomcat, Web Logic, Web services and XDocletSpring boot, Spring, Microservices, SOAP/Rest API, Junit, Mockito, , Concurrent API’s, Java streams , Spring batch, Bootstrap, Swing, Spring, Hibernate

Cloud and Application services

We offer scalable management solutions and end-to-end application development.

We do everything from analysis to implementation and rollout.

Cloud Migration, Automation, Development, Integration, maintenance, DevOps services – (AWS, Azure, GCP) –

Solution Architects, Data Architects, Lakehouse, Data Mesh Architects, Devops engineers

  • CICD – GitHub, Jenkins, Spinnaker/Travis
  • IaaS -Terraform, CloudFormation, Pulumi,CDK
  • Configuration management-Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt Stack
  • Containerization- Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Swarm, systemmd-nspawn

We offer a pool of services such as

  • load balancing
  • application performance monitoring
  • application acceleration
  • autoscaling
  • micro segmentation

We provide these services to make sure your applications are optimally deployed and run well.

Our applications service management team will take care of the process of configuring, monitoring, optimizing, and orchestrating your app systems.

Our application development services are holistic, from the design to modernizing software development processes we take care of it all. We ensure that all your application development projects are of high quality and are completed quickly and more efficiently.

It could be a completely new development or building cutting edge solutions on industry leading platforms or just performing extensive quality assurance work, clients engage us as an extended part of their own IT team.

In line with our philosophy of collaboration, we deliver our application services either jointly with our clients or in a fully managed way at the client location facilities.

Training Solutions

Our Training Solutions address each stage of the technology “life cycle,” from training on strategy and design, to implementation and management.

We do it all.

We train your teams through the process and continuously improve their skills which keeps them at pace with the current technologies.

We bring in the right training solutions to meet present needs and the needs of the future.

With Donato Technologies be rest assured that we will deliver relevant up-skilling and reskilling to progress the growth of your business.

Software solutions

With our Optimized software solutions, we improve the effectiveness of your business.

We fully utilize your IT infrastructure and optimize it.

We specialize in various software implementations, support, Integration, optimization, development, deployment, and knowledge services.

Our software solutions provide the scalability and flexibility to meet today’s business challenges, while empowering enterprises for even greater success tomorrow.

We are focused on: 

  • minimizing the cost and complexity of implementation
  • integration
  • support

Donato Technologies specializes in various software implementations, support, integration, optimization, development, deployment, and knowledge services.

We enhance your processes by incorporating the best practices and surpass your KPI goals with our business optimization services.

At Donato Technologies we strive to offer the most advanced and state-of-the-art solutions so that you have the best experience and tools to succeed.

Our applications comply with industry standards such as ODBC, TCP/IP, APIs, and common Web standards. This adherence to industry standards improves data access across key applications (i.e., Land Records, GIS, Tax Appraisal).

Contact Us today for a consultation with one of our experts.

Contact Us today for a consultation with one of our experts.