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Total Equipment Integration Process

R single point solution for maintenance industry. TEquIP is a Total Equipment integration process software enables you in handling complex Job Orders transactions precisely and end to end without errors.

This product is designed to seamlessly cover the initiation of a Job Orders for equipment, data collection from the different business units and different groups (internal and external to a maintenance organization) to its complete lifecycle.

The packge includes :
  • Manage your new job orders
  • Easy transfer of job orders from other vendors
  • Mange your crew work schedule
  • Track the operations
  • Quality control for the equipment
  • Billing
  • Finance initiation option

Key Features


Job Order Maintenance

Receive the new job orders or transfer the job order from any external vendors, all total integration for job orders at one place. Assign the job orders and track the status of the jobs as they progress in a single dashboard.

Crew Maintenance

Starting from onboarding to off-boarding, the system helps keep track of maintenance crew. By assigning the crew shifts and maintenance bay allocations via TEquIP. It is seamless in tracking the jobs effectively. Also, the crew time tracking enables one place punch-in and punch-out system.

Billing & Finacing

Bill your customer and provide multiple payment options.TEquIP integrates with industry standard financial background check vendors and provide you feedback on your customer for financing options. All this integrated in one system with One-Click option.

Customer Data

Consolidate all your customers’ information at one place, may it be a your own existing customer or for the transferred jobs. Interactive inputs for new customers and referrals. Also, customer service history is maintained all through the life time of the equipment.

Quality Control

TEquIP helps you to keep your maintenance on quality track.Artificial Intelligence (AI ) machine learning capability by adapting the most used check points and helps the job orders at the highest quality.

Dispatch & Logging

For quick maintenance bay availabillty, dispatch the equipment seamlessly and from TEquIP One-Click system. Dispatch the equipment only after the quality check maintain the history of the equipment by logging the job orders and send the maintenance schedules.


Key benefits

Total Integration from Order to Dispatch Improve quality by AI quality check points Crew maintenance & Bay allocation