• ​​SDLC

            Different phases of SDLC
            Project Initiation,Requirement Gathering and Analysis
            Basic path and Alternate Path?
            Role of Business Analyst,Example for explaining each phase
            Role of technical specification team
            System Design
            Role of Design team
            Role of architecture team,System development
            Role of development team
            Deliverable of Development phase,System testing,Role of testers and types of testing
            User acceptance testing,System deployment,System maintenance,Events in the maintenance phase like bug fixes

  • STLC

            phases of STLC.
            Role of testers,need to test,Activities involved in the testing phase,test plan and test case documents
            Steps of test case execution
            How to write test case document?
            What is required to test any application?

  • Test Cases,Plan

            Test case, test case document contain

             How to write test case document?
             Different test case techniques
             Test Plan,test plan document,

             What does the test plan document contain?
             Who writes and approves the test plan document?
             How manage the test case documents?
             What is the pass/fail criterion?


            Different Phases of testing
            What is unit testing?
            What is Minimum acceptance testing?
            What is integration, system and system integration testing?
            What is User acceptance testing?
            What is Regression Testing?


            What is a defect?
            Various Defect tracking tools
            How to use the defect tracking tools?
            How to enter the details of defect in the defect tracking tool?
            How to identify a defect?
            What is severity and priority?


            What is Trace ability Matrix[TM]?
            Who Prepares the TM document?
            What is the reference for writing TM?
            What is the use of TM?
            What is present in the TM document?
            Sample TM
            Tools used for developing TM

  • Various Teams and their Roles

            Configuration Management Team,Role of configuration management team
            What is Deployment?
            Deployment Team,Role of Deployment team,Version Control
            Various version tools and its usage,Difference between QC and QA
            What is automation testing?
            Why, what and when to automate?
            Various tools used for automation testing



            Introduction to Quality Center
            Why to use Quality Center
            Version of Quality Center,Overview of quality Center user interface,Various tabs in Quality center
            Requirement Module,Requirement Module Overview,Creating Requirement tree,Creating Parent & Child requirements
            Understanding the Description tab,Understanding the History tab,Uploading attachments to requirement,A glance at various columns in requirement
            Types of views in requirement module
            Requirement grid view,Requirement coverage view,Test Plan Module
            Creating folder structure,Create test cases,Requirement coverage
            Test Lab Module,Overview of Test Lab,Detail of various tabs,Creating folders,Creating Test sets,Adding test cases,Different columns in Execution Grid
            Execution Flow tab,Scheduling Test runs,Test Set Properties tab,Linked Defects tab
            Running Tests manually,Running Tests automatically,Viewing Test results,Quality Center Defects
            Overview of Defects,Creating defects after test execution,Adding defects in defect module,Creating defects during test execution,Linking Defects,close a defect,Closing defects                       after retest,Mailing the defects
            Quality Center reports & graphs,


  • Introduction to QTP

            Prepare Before Automation,Application Under Test,First look at Add-Ins for QTP,Understanding the QTP User Interface,Setting up preferences in QTP before recording.

  • Different versions of QTP(Text based)

            Difference between QTP 9.0 and QTP 8.2.
            Difference between QTP 9.2 and QTP 9.0
            Difference between QTP 9.5 and QTP 9.2.

  •  Record and run a script-Record a simple script,Save the script,Run the test script,Understand the result


  • Introduction to Object Repository

            Types of Object Repository,Object Repository Manager,Associating shared Object Repository with test

  • Shared Object Repository

            Local Object Repository,Create a shared Object Repository,Add objects to shared Object Repository,Save an shared Object Repository
            Modify the shared Object Repository,Comparing Local and Shared Object Repository

  •  Synchronization-Synchronization in QTP,Add Synchronization Steps for an Object

  •  Check Point-Using Standard Check Point,Text Check Point,Using Access ability check point,Using XML Check Point

  •  Database checkpoint-Writing SQL Query using Microsoft Query, Parameterize a database checkpoint

  •  Output Values-Using Standard Output value,Using Text Output value,Using Database Output value,Using XML Output value
  •  Data Driven Test- Data Driven test, Parameterization


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